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Mini-Receiver Wax Guards for Siemens Hearing Aids
  • For Click Domes Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Models.
  • Fit for Pure, Carat, and Centra-Life models.
  • 10 pack of wax filter guards on a stick, includes instructions.
  • Genuine Siemens parts direct from the Hearing Aid Battery Club.
HF4 BLUE Wax Guard Wheel for Siemens Hearing Aids - BLUE SIDE LEFT
  • HF4 BLUE Wheel of 15 wax filter screens, replacement tool included.
  • BLUE for LEFT side Hearing Aid
  • Fits custom In-The-Ear (ITE); Full-shell, Half-shell, In-The-Canal (ITC), and Completely-In-Canal (CIC) hearing aids from Siemens
  • These wax filter screens are 2.5mm in diameter and come with a tool to replace the filter in your hearing aid
Siemens Hearing Aid Click Domes 8 mm Open For Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids
  • Domes should be replaced ONCE a month because of cerumen "wax" buildup behind the wax guard.
  • 6 Click Domes per Pack of Siemens Hearing Aid Click Domes
  • 8 mm Open Click Domes Size
6 pieces Siemens ear plugs Hearing Aid aids Eartip ear tip ear tips Tubing ear pieces piece-hearing aid tube about 9cm length BTE Hearing Aid Aids Domes and Tube Kit
  • It can be used with any set of standard BTE hearing aids. After connecting the preferred dome size to the tubes, you can then match up the proper length of the tubes with the earhooks of your BTEs to cut for a customized fit. Simply Do-it-Yourself!
  • Due to the low-profile design, this kit provides one of the most discreet, but well-sealed fittings for your BTE hearing aid. This is an excellent alternative to standard BTE earmolds and tubing. You will find, like most wearers, that you will prefer the fit, comfort and improved visual appearance, compared to traditional BTE fitting earmolds. Hearing aid tubes should be clear and soft. It is important to change your hearing aid tubes as soon as the tubes get hard and stiff.
Siemens Click Dome 6mm Closed For RIC Hearing Aids - 6 Domes Each
  • Siemens Click Dome
  • Hearing Aid Tips
  • 6mm Closed Domes for Siemens Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids
  • 6 per package, original Siemens parts
Siemens miniReceiver Wax Guard (10 Pack of Individual Filters)
  • Siemens wax guards for the small receiver-speakers that use the click domes.
  • Siemens miniReceiver Wax Guard
Siemens Click Dome 8/12 mm Semi-Open (Tulip) For RIC Hearing Aids - 6 Domes Each
  • 8mm/12mm Semi-Open (Tulip) Domes (pack of 6)
  • Allows some low frequency sounds in naturally via open slit (semi-open) vents.
  • Compatible with Siemens, Rexton, Miricle Ear, and Hansaton BTE RIC aids
  • Compatible with BTE RIC --- Siemens: Centra Active; Pure: 100, 101, 300, 301, 500, 501, 700, 701, Caret, SE. Rexton Cobalt: ECO, 8, 12, 16; Cobalt+: ECO, 8, 12, 16; Gem: 12, 8; Gem+: 12, 8; Onyx: 12, 8; Revo; Revo+.
  • Compatible with BTE RIC ---Miracle-Ear: ME- 1; ME- 2; ME- 3; ME- 4. Hansaton: Auriga; Veneto; Lumeo; Cemia; Velvet; Espria; Loona;
Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 - 10 Packs of 6
  • Siemens size 312 hearing aid batteries
  • Colour coded brown. Long tab useful for customers with limited dexterity.
  • Used mainly for half shell / canal (ITC) hearing aids.
  • Voltage - 1.45v
  • Typical capacity 180 mAh

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