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MEASUREMAN Meat Thermometer 2.5 Inch Dial with Red Indicator Clasp 304 Stainless Steel 130-220F/C Poultry Probe Oven BBQ Cooking Thermometers
  • For professional cooking and grilling with roast, meat and poultry cooked in the oven or on the grill.
  • 2.5" dial size With Red Indicator Clasp
  • 304 Stainless Steel Probe
  • Range: 130-200 deg F/ C, dual scale reading,
  • The large dial display, and the optimum temperature zones for meat, poultry and beef are indicated on the dial, for fast at-a-glance readings.
MEASUREMAN Digital Meat-Thermometer Instant-Read Food Temperature-Probe - with Magnet Calibration Thermometer Waterproof for Kitchen Cooking Grill BBQ Oven Candy
  • Muti-Use: The meat thermometer allow you to quickly and clearly displays the internal temperature so you can avoid overcooking , both ensure food's safety and delicious
  • Preset temperature settings: Smoker cooking thermometer programmed with preset grill temperatures for 7 types of meat with their various doneness levels; All preset temps can be altered to your own desired taste; Stay safe and cook with confidence
  • Highly accurate, fast reading probes: Oven thermometer features step-down probe design retrieves temperature precisely to within ±1.8°f (±1°c ) and quickly to alert you of the slightest temp change in seconds; combined with 40inches Stainless steel mesh cables rated for 716°f and a wide temperature of 14˚f to 572˚f (-10˚c to 300˚c), cook anything in any grill setup
  • Multiple mounting options: Tabletop support, wall-mountable design allowing you to conveniently attach or place your hygrometer wherever you desire
  • Package: 1×Digital Cooking Thermometers 2×Food/BBQ Temperature Probes 2×AA batteries 1×User Manual 2× Probe Rack
MEASUREMAN Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer 304 Stainless Steel case and 5" Probe,Back Entry, Hold, on/Off, C/F, Stainless Steel Pocket and Clip, Battery Powered, -58-572F/C
  • For temperature measuring on food which is Digital meat thermometer
  • 5" food grade stainless steel probe
  • Material: 304 stainless steel tube for cover and seat, black silicone button, stainless steel tube tip diameter 2.5mm, with stainless steel pen tube
  • Temperature range: -50+300C/-58+572F
  • Accuracy: ±2℃between 0-100℃, -20-0℃, temperature deviation between 100-200℃ ±2%
MEASUREMAN Digital Meat Thermometer Instant Read Waterproof Food Thermometer BBQ for Kitchen Outdoor Cooking Grill Candy BBQ Thermometer with Backlight Magnet Calibration Thermometer(2Pack)
  • Multi-Use: Our digital meat thermometer works great with baking,beverages, deep frying, candy making,grilling, and so on! Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, grilling or Outdoor BBQ, this tool will take your culinary skills to the next level!
  • Easy To Use: Screen shows the temperature clearly in the evening. With this meat thermometer, simply insert probe into your food or liquid, you can get the temperature at any time on the large LCD screen by pressing the backlight button,the screen will light for 5 seconds.The thermometer will auto-shut off to save battery life if readout stays for 10 minutes; With an internal magnet and large hang hole, it can be attached to the refrigerator or hung on the hook easily.
  • Special Function:Special bottle opener makes this innovative food thermometer convenient to open a bottle of beer at a party. With a large hang hole, internal magnet, just place the cooking thermometer on a refrigerator or store the cooking thermometer somewhere for easily and quickly accessible.
  • IP67 Waterproof:IP67 rated waterproof, the digital meat thermometer can be washed under running water after used. With a strong ABS plastic body, it can withstand accidental drops or other impact accidents.
  • Accurate Instant Reading: meat thermometer with temperature range of -58°F ~ 572°F (-50°C ~ 300°C), accurate to ±2℉(±1℃) between -58℉~392℉(-50~200℃),±2℃/℉ more than 200℃/392℉.
MEASUREMAN Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Backlight,Magnet and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry,Ultra Fast Precise Waterproof Digital Food Thermometer for Kitchen Cooking& Outdoor BBQ & Grill (2Pack)
  • Multi-Use: Our digital meat thermometer works great with baking,beverages, deep frying, candy making,grilling, and so on! Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, grilling or Outdoor BBQ, this tool will take your culinary skills to the next level!
  • Ultra fast and highly accurate – Takes the temperature in a little as 3-4 seconds, and is accurate to +/-1 degrees with a wide range of -58℉-572℉(-50°C~300°C). No more waiting over a hot stove or grill for the temperature to settle! Don't worry, you won't get overcooked or undercooked food, you'll get fully cooked food that you want.
  • Easy to use - If you flip out the probe it will starts reading the temperature. Insert the tip into your food, and in 3-4 seconds you will have an accurate and easy to read temperature displayed on the large dial. No longer fear the heat of the grill while you wait for the temperature to stabilize. You don't have to squint at numbers in the sun. When you're done, just flip the probe back and it will automatically power off.
  • IPX6 waterproof:The IPX6 waterproof thermometer can be directly washed with water to ensure the cleanliness of the cooking thermometer after each use.
  • Beautifully packaged: Our Instant Food Thermometer is a must-have kitchen gadget for any home kitchen expert, no matter where or when, It can be one of your creative gift options
MEASUREMAN Deep Fry Thermometer"2"" dial Size, 12"" Stainless Steel Stem, Stainless Steel Adjustable clamp, Back red Reset Clip on Bezel, Tempered Glass Window, 50-550F/C, Accuracy: +/-2%",2 Pack
  • For measure the oil pan, frying, barbecue temperature control,Mechanical induction.
  • 2" dial size With Red Indicator Clasp
  • 12" stem length
  • Range: 50-550 deg F/ C, dual scale reading,
  • Accuracy: +/-2%,red high temperature resistant pointer
MEASUREMAN Hot Water Bi-Metal Thermometer, 2-1/2" Dial, 1-3/4" Lead-Free Brass Stem, Range 0-250 deg F/-20-120 deg C, 2% Accuracy, Adjustable, 1/2" NPT Back Mount
  • For temperature measuring on water and other media which is not corrosive to brass.
  • Lead free brass stem, conforms to California AB 1953 standard and 2014 US Safe Drinking Water Act
  • 2-1/2" dial size, 1/2"NPT center back mount
  • 1-3/4" Stem length including thread
  • Range: 0-250 deg F/-20-120 deg C, dual scale reading, adjustable at end of bulb
MEASUREMAN Oven Thermometer 70mm Dial Size, Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Case and Fringe, with Hook, 100-550F/C, 2.5% Accuracy, Blow-Out at Back
  • Many uses: For traditional ovens, toaster ovens, grills, smokers, or any heat based food appliance,indicating big numbers on the dial, which helps to easily read the temperature of the oven.
  • Size:70mm Dial Size
  • Case:Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Case With Hook
  • Temperature range: 100-550F/C
  • Accuracy:2.5%
MEASUREMAN Instant Read 2” Dial 0~220℉/℃,Milk Thermometer,Milk Foam,Coffee Drinks Thermometer
  • For measure the temperature of coffee drinks, milk foam,make your coffee and milk taste more delicious
  • 2 inch dial Size 5 inch Stainless Steel Stem
  • Probe with stainless steel spring clip, adjustable thermometer placement, easy to read disk surface temperature
  • Range: 0~220℉/-10~100℃
  • With the Pen cover protects against prevents needle sticking
MEASUREMAN 2" Dial Instant Read Deep Fry Thermometer with 12'' Stainless Steel Food Grade Probe with Clip and Bottom Section Protective Sleeve, 50 ~550 ºF / °C, The Best BBQ&Grill Thermometer
  • For measure the oil pan, frying, barbecue temperature control,Mechanical induction.
  • 2" dial size With Red Indicator Clasp
  • 12" stem length including thread
  • Range: 50-550 deg F/ C, dual scale reading,
  • Accuracy: +/-5℉,+/-2.5℃

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